• Overview


    We are designers, artists, dreamers and above all storytellers. You may wonder how? Stories need not be told only in words. Every note in music spins a story and in the same way, every color, texture, and finish narrate a story.  We are here to express your story.Started in 2012 in Solapur, India, NMD interiors, blends passion and personality with design to create beautiful living spaces. At NMD, the focus is not just to create beautiful looking spaces, but aesthetically soothing, soulful and sustainable dwellings.Our vision is to grow as a leading interior art studio that combines proactive approach, sustainable practices and functional process to create soulful residential and commercial spaces.Our mission is to equip your homes and offices with well thought out designs and fixtures at modest rates without compromising on quality. We aim to create energy conscious designs and eco-friendly materials to reduce wastage and carbon footprint.


    How Does It Work 

    Zeroing in on a design scheme or look for your living space is not an easy task. With proactive conversations and a simple yet detailed process, NMD interiors plan the perfect look for your homes and offices.

    1.       Site assessment and preferences of the client taken by the design team

    2.       Digital library of materials is shown to help the clients choose products. This digital library is updated real time with the latest materials available in the local market

    3.       Materials are chosen from the local markets to save up on transportation costs

    4.       A 3D model of the final designed home/office is created along with the chosen materials to derive the exact cost and avoid material wastage. This model resembles the final design by almost 80%

    5.       After multiple meetings and discussions with the clients, the final design and cost is agreed upon


    NMD Interiors essentially reflects a new-age vision that is dynamic and sincere in its application of knowledge, diving into the depths of a subject, discovering and sharing its beauty… finding inspiration in forms, spaces, relations, tangibles, and intangibles… searching for hidden resources within and without while celebrating Nature in every nuance…respecting people, practices, science, services and above all, the cradle called environment that nurtures us. Integrity, efficient execution, uncompromising commitment to quality and time coupled with excellent human relations makes NMD Interiors a winning partnership on any project.


    NMD Interiors specializes in incorporating innovative products and concepts that are simply stunning and often outshine the industry standards. We come up with unique ideas for interior spaces of our clients and use various disciplines and elements of interior design by focusing on practical application and implications of our concepts.


    We work with an eagle's eye towards achieving the ultimate contemporary style with the special focus on Interior Architecture, furniture, interior lighting and other miscellaneous components of the contemporary design. Anyone with a sense of style would realize what trends are coming up in interior designing when they take a tour of our finished projects. All our concepts and products are designed based on the underlying principles of sustainability. Our range of raw materials includes recycled wood, eco-friendly boards, Low VOC and ‘zero lead’ finishing and painting materials.


    Our success comes from meticulous planning at the very beginning of the interior design service for discerning, quality-conscious clients in experiencing outstanding design concepts: be it for their dream homes or their businesses. Personal attention goes hand in hand through the entire interior design process and also the design resources and products used from helping them out to choose special purchases of furniture, fabric, and other accessories. We make every moment memorable for our client by walking with them through the entire process of transforming their homes or business that will demand a unique and personalized expression of themselves and add to their enjoyment in getting the desired results to match their comfort and life style appeal. Our job does not end here... we make sure that we are retained for their other projects and initiate referrals.